Hengqin Firay Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Started in 2016, Hengqin Firay Sci-Tech Co. Ltd. ("Firay") is currently located in Hengqin Free Trade Zone of Zhuhai and specialized in development of fiber lasers and optical fiber components mainly based on Zhuhai Modern Industrial Innovation Research Institute of SCUT jointly set up by South China University of Technology (SCUT) and Municipal Government of Zhuhai, and approved as High-Performance Fiber Laser Technique and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong. Its technical team derives from national key laboratory for optical materials and components, and is responsible for more than 40 projects, including national key R&D programs, "973" Program and "863" Project of MOST, key projects and general programs of NRF, and provincial and minister technology projects. Firay has extensive reserves of technology in fields of optical material and component and engineering application and advantage of talent and equipment.
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Contact Us
Address: Floor 4, Building 18, Hengqin-Macau Entrepreneurship Valley, 1889, Around-Island East Road, Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai, China
Telephone: 0756-6969173

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